Houses Settle-But You Shouldn't

We perform warranty inspections in the Forney, TX area

Your home may have seemed fine 11 months ago when you spoke to your builder, but in reality, it probably took on some damage. Whether it was missed during the initial inspection or something that happened as the house began to settle, trust Full Report Home Inspections to find the damage.

Call today to schedule your warranty inspection with Full Report Home Inspections. We also perform new house inspections in the Forney, TX area. This way, we can help you during your whole homebuying process.

3 reasons to get an 11th month warranty inspection

3 reasons to get an 11th month warranty inspection

Many homeowners choose the 11th month of living in their new home to get it inspected. Here are three reasons why that's a smart idea:

  1. You're still protected under the builder's warranty, so they'll have to pay for any repairs you find.
  2. Your house has had time to settle on your property, so anything faulty will be more apparent.
  3. You still have a month left in your warranty, so if we find extensive damage, you have time to reinspect it after the repairs.

To learn more about 11th month warranty inspections, call Full Report Home Inspections today. We'll catch costly damage before you're forced to pay for it.